Experts to lead Physical Literacy webinar on 22 April


Looking across the life span, investing in developing physical literacy in childhood is essential to keeping physically active in later life. Teachers, coaches and parents have a vital role in this development - and you can find out more in our Physical Literacy for Life webinar on 22 April, led by our EU-supported project partners. 

Learn from the "mother of physical literacy", Margaret Whitehead, and other experts in the field, including Mark Tremblay from the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance and British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Science Mark Hanson, about the connection between Physical Literacy, Health and Wellbeing.

A key consideration for policymakers is to ensure that opportunities for youth to develop motor competencies are broad and diverse. However, such possibilities are often challenged by parents’ and societies’ desires for early specialisation in sports.

At the webinar, it will be discussed how adopting a life course perspective leads to a solution of investing in children, and how investing in children's physical literacy (PL) is a far better investment compared to investing in an immediate increase in children's physical activity (PA). PL can be a target for prevention and health promotion interventions, and such interventions have broad and sustainable potential for lifelong participation in health-enhancing PA.

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