Creating a common understanding of physical literacy


Photo: Isaiah Bekkers/Unsplash

The Physical Literacy for Life project partners are working towards a common understanding of physical literacy that aligns different countries and sectors on approaches that encourage people to be active throughout their lives.

ISCA is leading a consortium of 11 partners from grassroots sport, education and health who are paving the way for the concept of physical literacy to be recognised as a lifelong journey spanning physical, emotional, cognitive and social dimensions.

Physical literacy is an emerging concept that looks beyond traditional sports cultures, which are focusing on performance and perfection. Instead, it emphasises the joy of movement and the experience of learning how to move in ways that can improve our health and wellbeing.


In 2021, the partners are set to launch brand new resources for teachers, club staff and the general public. The first output is a new definition of physical literacy and its four domains, position statements from all partners and in-depth interviews on the topic.

The second resource will be a self-assessment tool including questionnaires for citizens, teachers and trainers to reflect on their own physical literacy and how it can apply to their work. The third is an advocacy toolkit, featuring two motion graphic videos and a guide on how to start working with the concept and how to create environments to teach and acquire physical literacy.

Finally, the project’s tools will be tested by 40 teachers and club-based trainers in Bulgaria, France, Slovenia and Spain to discover how the concept is accepted in different countries and how it can be used to increase engagement in physical activity in schools and clubs.

Multiplier events in Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain in 2021 will help spread the project’s resources and advocacy messages to a broader range of stakeholders.

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