Video: How to provide a positive environment for physical literacy?


Rachel Payne, ISCA, and Physical Literacy for Life partners

Who are the key people who can facilitate the development of physical literacy – particularly among young people, but also among all age groups? Our new Physical Literacy for Life video presents easy ways for teachers and coaches to create positive environments for developing physical literacy. These are not just physical environments, but the learning environments that are created by the teachers and coaches through their approach to both the participants and how they deliver their activities.

We present the video transcript here and you can watch it below. What is Physical Literacy? Check out our first video where the partners of the Physical Literacy for Life project define the concept.

Teachers and coaches, you are responsible for proving the most engaging environments for your participants to help them develop their physical literacy.  

Greet everyone in your class with a smile and ask them how they are and if they are ready to be active.

Explain what they will be doing in each session and include them in the organisation. 

Aim to challenge everyone in your group according to their capabilities, and provide a range of relevant activities for them. 

Create positive learning environments that provide support to every student. Ensure that everyone thrives and feels good about themselves.

Provide enough time for progress to be made and offer a broad range of experiences for all of your students.

Help everyone develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Allow everyone to find their own way of doing things by encouraging them to be creative. 

Celebrate progress and success and finish every session by encouraging everyone to be active every day. 

Thank you for supporting and helping your students develop their physical literacy.

Stay active for life. Start today, be active every day!