The project may be coming to an end, but Physical Literacy – is for Life!


Maria Malyshkina, ISCA

The importance of physical literacy in a human’s life becomes self-evident as individuals engage with the world and learn to move their bodies for social, aesthetic, competitive, and even survival reasons. This is not just for health reasons but also to flourish and gain pleasure from their everyday lives. This process is a lifelong journey where every individual engages in physical activity based on their disposition and learning.

With the tools created during the two-year Physical Literacy for Life (PL4L) project, more stakeholders (i.e. schools, clubs, policy makers) can gain a more consistent understanding of what physical literacy means and why the concept should be promoted widely in their activities. The definition of physical literacy, with its four domains, a self-assessment and advocacy tools were tested by 50 teachers and club-based trainers in Bulgaria, France, Slovenia and Spain over ten months. They discovered how the concept is accepted in different countries and how it can be used to increase engagement in physical activity in schools and clubs.

Furthermore, multiplier events in Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain in 2021 will help spread the project’s resources and advocacy messages to a broader range of stakeholders. The PL4L tools are currently presented and disseminated in Multiplier Sport Events:

  • June in Slovenia and Spain
  • 19 October in France
  • 25 October in Bulgaria
  • November in Slovenia
  • 6 November in Portugal
    • If you would like to follow the event, please register here
  • 16 November in Denmark
    • If you would like to follow the event, please register here 

All resources are available at the PL4L website. Don’t forget to subscribe to the ISCA newsletter for updates and stay tuned for more news.