HOW to provide positive environment for physical literacy?

Introduction to the module: How to provide positive environment for physical literacy?

As physical literacy seeks to contribute towards multiple Sustainable Development Goals, the question of how to provide positive learning environments for individuals engaging in physical activity becomes a priority. Changing practice towards a ‘physical literacy focus’ will require not only practitioners, but also policy makers to reflect on provision and process. It will demand a new focus on the development of individual’s physical competence, attitudes towards physical activity and knowledge and understanding. It will also require that education, sport and health agencies have a clear orientation towards encouraging everyone to be physically active. The following points should guide practitioners towards establishing safe and inclusive learning environments.

Ensure that everybody is included and challenged according to their capability.

Provide a wide range of experiences in different physical activity environments that are differentiated to the needs of the individual and purposeful.

Allow sufficient time on an activity for individuals to be engaged and make progress.

Ensure that the activities are relevant, rewarding and challenging to every individual.

Use a range of different strategies to ensure everyone makes progress.

Plan sessions to develop the individual holistically, from a physical, cognitive, social and emotional dimension.

Promote task mastery, praising effort and accepting mistakes.

Value knowledge, understanding and attitude as much as physical competence.

Encourage creativity and gradually devolve responsibility to allow participants to flourish.

Celebrate progress and success.

Animated representation of the positive environment for Physical Literacy
How to provide a positive environment for Physical Literacy?

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Supporting material

This a collection of supporting materials on how to activate physical literacy in your community according to the Physical Literacy for Life Erasmus+ project partners.

Questions for reflections

How well are you creating a PL environment?

How can you improve your practice?

How can you help other to improve their practice?

What support do you need in the future?